The Future Of Telemarketing

So as much as the image may suggest, unfortunately this isn't a post about how robots are eventually going to replace telemarketers and of course then take over the world... (Sorry!). However, it's about how the evolution of telemarketing and what it means to for your business now and in the future.

In the past 10 years, a lot has changed in the world of outbound sales, from it's reception, data protection to technology. It seems that all change has been good change, but with GDPR now on everyone's minds, how will the future of telemarketing survive?

Will GDPR Affect B2B Telemarketing?

In the world of marketing, things are dramatically changing with the new data protection laws due to come into effect on the 25th of May this year. Everything from digital, email and of course telemarketing will be affected. With the right knowledge and processes in place, Outshine are aiming to take advantage of the changes and use it as a way to increase the need for a telemarketing service.

Like many other marketing activities, outbound telemarketing ( when done correctly ), already involves ensuring that the correct procedures are taken to both secure prospect data and our clients. This includes;

  • Understanding, managing & using prospect data correctly
  • Providing full transparency of our client's intentions & processes
  • Providing recorded evidence of authorised use of personal data
  • Providing secure communication between our clients and their prospects

Is Telemarketing Still Needed?

Yes. If anything telemarketing is more important than ever. As much as digital marketing is firmly taking it's deserved place in the marketing industry, telemarketing still provides a leading ROI within most B2B industries. One of the most important differences within the two marketing strategies, is that telemarketing can not only generate new business on a short term basis, but also create new opportunities for up to 5 years ahead. Telemarketing can enable your business to progress further into the sales cycle through;

  • Identifying key decision makers 

  • Understanding your target market 

  • Discovering new business opportunities in advance

  • Arranging meetings with prospects

  • Developing a pipeline of leads for your business to nurture 



Where Does Telemarketing Fit In To Your Marketing Plan?

Most B2B businesses should include at least some outbound lead generation activities such as telemarketing into their marketing strategy. Rather than focusing solely on an activity such as search or email marketing, telemarketing should fit in somewhere alongside the two to help maximize results. As well as cold calling campaigns to generate new business, telemarketing can work alongside other marketing channels such as;

  • Email marketing follow up calls

  • Website lead follow ups 

  • Reconnecting with lapsed customers

  • Networking events delegate follow up & meetings

  • Regular customer communication and up-sell

So, What Does The Future Of Telemarketing Look Like?

The future of telemarketing is looking bright. Whilst carried out properly, telemarketing will continue to Outshine other marketing activities in terms of delivering high ROI and overall brand awareness. We are certainly looking forward to the future of providing great results through our quality B2B telemarketing solutions.

If your business is interested in starting it's telemarketing journey, please contact us here.

The Future Of Telemarketing

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