Why you need a plan, not resolutions, to improve your B2B marketing this year

Why you need a plan, not resolutions, to improve your B2B marketing this year

So we’re a week into January and the air is still heavy with the promise of the New Year and a New You.

Seems like everyone’s racing into 2020 brandishing New Year’s resolutions, new running gear and alcohol-free beer. The gyms are packed, the pubs are empty (well quieter, anyway), and health foods are flying off the supermarket shelves. Salespeople and business owners across the country are rolling up their sleeves and buzzing with resolve to be more productive, get more appointments, increase sales, and make more money.

Which is great….apart from the fact that we all know that most people give up their resolutions within a month or so. Why? because mostly their resolutions are abstract aims, like “losing weight”, “getting fit”, or “winning more business” and, as such, they’re not really concrete, manageable goals.

If you really want to get a head-start on your B2B marketing strategy this year, then break it down into achievable, specific, DOABLE parts. With solid, achievable plans in place as opposed to well-intentioned resolutions, you’re much more likely to succeed. To get you started, here are 4 ideas to help you build momentum and see results in your B2B marketing in 2020:

1. Take the time to figure out who you want business FROM:

Do the work to find your ideal client and aim in the right direction or you won’t deliver best results. What industry is your target in? What size of business is it? What are they trying to achieve? Why do they buy? When do they buy? How much money do they have? You’ll never do any business if you target the wrong companies, so get a good list with validated data including the right job roles and contacts for the decision makers for your product and services.

2. Organise and execute a specific and tailored campaign to book qualified meetings with those target clients.

Without proper strategy and implementation, a B2B telemarketing campaign won’t provide the results you want. Make sure you have the right tools and structure in place, including a good call structure such as a relevant and gripping introduction, great questioning and a killer close.

3. Capture key information about what prospects are doing this year and when.

By asking the right questions and LISTENING properly to the answers, you will be able to gather invaluable information about your target clients’ plans for the year. This will help you to flag up any prime opportunities and tailor your communication/activity accordingly.

4. Start building a pipeline of new leads to see you through the year.

To keep your sales consistent, it’s vital to invest time at the start of your sales pipeline to ensure a steady flow of opportunities are entering it. Nurturing your sales pipeline to get qualified leads is time well spent, and now is a great time to generate new leads so you don’t miss an opportunity to win the business when the prospect is ready to buy.

So, instead of resolutions, if you’re looking to improve your B2B marketing this year, a better strategy might be to invest the time and resources in a targeted, effective, measured telemarketing campaign that will produce real opportunities and concrete results.

Why you need a plan, not resolutions, to improve your B2B marketing this year