5 Key Reasons Why Telemarketing Companies Avoid Pay Per Lead

5 Key Reasons Why Telemarketing Companies Avoid Pay Per Lead

Every few weeks or so we get asked a similar question "Do you do pay per result/ pay per appointment?" and each time the answer is the same: No.

People are often surprised by this response, after all, business is business, right? Wrong, and there are many reasons why pay per appointment is NOT good business for a telemarketing company, and why companies will struggle to find a good telemarketer to work on this basis. Here are the top 5 reasons why most telemarketing companies avoid pay per appointment like the plague:

Identifying Good Prospects

When it comes to arranging qualified appointments, we just might find that we’re lucky enough to speak to a decision maker on the first call with whom we can qualify and book the appointment with. Great! Happy days! However…. this is not usually the way it goes; identifying the correct person can often end up in a long and frustrating wild goose chase, even with the help of Google and LinkedIn Search! This is especially true with bigger companies. Research and persistence will pay off  - eventually -  but it may not happen on that first call.

Future Opportunities

Our main goal is to help our clients to increase sales. We do this by developing a valuable sales pipelines and identifying new business opportunities. Throughout an appointment-setting campaign we may generate just as many future opportunities as we do appointments. These future opportunities are often just as valuable (if not more so) as  qualified appointments. Nine times out of ten, these opportunities will be confirmed as appointments further down the line.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to a pay per result / pay per appointment scenario, you may find that the quality of the appointments decreases as the telemarketer’s focus is shifted to the quantity. This in turn may result in appointment cancellations and unqualified appointments. With our packages we set out a very detailed criteria for our appointments which ensures each one we book is of high quality and relevance to our clients.

Higher Costs

At Outshine, we are very clear about our simple, cost effective packages. There are no hidden costs and every client knows exactly what they are paying each month. It's not so easy when it comes to pay per appointment: going down the route of pay per appointment means that there will be uncertainty surrounding your pay-outs per month, even if the appointments aren't converted into new business.  

More than just " Outsourced telemarketing "

The final thing to consider when working with a company such as Outshine, is that you are receiving much more than just results each day. Working with an experienced team who can provide quality data and ongoing support throughout your campaign ensures that their focus is on what’s best for YOUR company: appointments that count, a long-term commitment and intelligent  relationship-building that won’t leave your clients feeling like they’ve just been Tango’d!

5 Key Reasons Why Telemarketing Companies Avoid Pay Per Lead

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